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Smile Danish cartoonist gustakh burnt to death

Danish cartoonist knut westergaard is burnt to death by Allahs azaab punishment in his own room and with full security... no one could help him from Allahs azab. He insulted our Madniaqa (saws). now he is in hellfire.he deserved it.

Maslak e Alahazrat zindabad (r)
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'Danish blasphemer burns to death'
Published: March 06, 2010
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IN an investigative report, an Arabic newspaper, published from Saudi Arabia, has claimed that Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist, has died in a fire incident.
The Danish authorities are trying their best to hide his death, who have found no clue about how the fire broke out and why only the room in which blasphemer Kurt was staying had been damaged. The initial investigation shows that the cartoonist, who committed blasphemy by drawing objectionable caricatures of Prophet (Peace be Upon Him), was provided complete security, as he had received many threats from across the globe after the Muslims had been enraged due to the repeated publication of the caricatures in the European press.
In February 2008, three Arab nationals were arrested for their alleged involvement in plotting the death of Kurt. A Somali man had also tried to stab him to death but the policemen deputed at his house saved him miraculously.
It is worth recalling that the blasphemous cartoons first appeared in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
The investigative report says the incident took place some days back in which Westergaard was burnt seriously and died on the spot, but the international media is completely silent about it. The report further claims that some eyewitnesses are also available to testify the happenings. The Danish authorities have so far been unable to find any hint about the cause of fire, as they had started investigations while keeping in mind some external conspiracy to kill the blasphemer

Maslak e Alahazrat zindabad (r)
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Mohammad Hassan Raza
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apparently the story is not reported on western media, just pakistani newspapers

plus there were more than one of those gustakhs

can someone please post a link to the story in western media if you know of it
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I agree bro Abdul Qadir.............could just be a case of mis-information?
Rabbi Zidni 'ilma (My Lord! Increase me in knowledge) رَبِّ زِدْنِي عِـلْمًا

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sounds a bit made up to me. Its like the email frm last year saying that Boycotts of Danish products have nearly made it bankrupt.
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