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Default Salman al-Farisi Masjid

assalamu 'alaykum

Brothers and sisters, a disaster has hit 'Iraq. I am hearing reports of the Masjid Salman al-Farisi in Madain being taken over by the rawafiD. They have finally taken over the masjid.

I do not what will happen now, but for sure this is a disaster for us Sunnis. May Allah ta'ala protect the Sunnis of 'Iraq
Ya Aba Bakr Ya 'Umar Ya 'Uthman Ya 'Ali
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can't vouch for the accuracy but it's quite a revealing read


When asked, about 2/3rds of tribal leaders insisted that “sectarian” conflict was really about resources. The remainder asserted that outside religious extremist influences (whether deriving from the Wahhabi form of Islam or from hard line Shiism) are to blame and that often that influence is used to manipulate Iraqis in order to usurp their resources. We are confident in our finding that the inter-communal disputes are resource-driven, not the result of religion.

A great example of how this resource war, disguised as sectarian conflict, operates is the dispute over the Salman al Farsi Mosque. This mosque named for a Persian companion of the Prophet Muhammed, located in Salman Pak – the Markaz Mada’in – has historically been a Sunni mosque. In fact Salman Pak, like the mosque itself, is named after him. Depending on which version of the mosque’s history you prefer, either all of Salman al Farsi is interred beneath it, or just a portion of him – like a reliquary. The Salman Pak municipality and the surrounding areas are overwhelmingly Sunni while the rest of Mada’in District is predominantly Shia – the farther one moves away from the Tigris River, the more Shia the district becomes. The Salman al Farsi Mosque, or rather its waqf (endowment) is one of the largest landowners in the area – both inside and outside the city. As a result many of the residents are actually renting their homes, shops, and farms from the mosque. Whoever controls the mosque controls its endowment and whoever controls the endowment controls a lot of money and power. While the mosque has traditionally been under Sunni control, and we were told that a string of historical documents proves this assertion, under the new Iraqi government it was somehow moved from the Sunni Mosque Ministry into the Shia Mosque Ministry.

As a result of this change, the issues of who controls the mosque has become a central preoccupation for the people of the Salman Pak area. Many of our interviewees expressed great concern over being evicted from their homes, businesses, or farms should the mosque be ultimately placed in Shia control. Additionally, the dispute over the mosque has had a major impact on the economy in Salman Pak. A not insignificant portion of the Salman Pak commercial districts of shops and stores are actually an arcade built into the walls surrounding the mosque. As long as the mosque remains shuttered and locked, so do the stores and shops.

Finally, the dispute over the Salman al Farsi Mosque has stoked fear of Iranian intentions in the area. The mosque is only a few blocks from the Arch of Kesra on the Steya Peninsula. Interviewees told us they were worried that through economic dominaton the Iranians were coming to retake possession of the area, and would rule it just as they did when the Persian capital was at the Taq-i Kesra Palace (Palace of Chosroes at Ctesiphon).

It's pretty much how the wahabi and shia operate. Forceful and/or deceptive take over of resources, and then the spread of misguidance begins.
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