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Default The Message Movie (dubbed in urdu/hindi)

Asallam Alaikum to begin with the message movie has been seen by many of us.But by watching a dubbed version it’s a diffent expierence altogether and those who have not seen it yet THIS IS A MUST WATCH MOVIE. By the way do remember me in your prayers. jazzahkallah
The Message - The Story of Islam (1976)
The Message is the 1976 world famous epic film about the birth of Islam in Makkah and the message of Muhammad (PBUH), starring Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas.
For 30 years this classic has inspired thousands of Muslims throughout the world.

NOTE: This movie is dubbed in URDU audio/language for the first time!

Perhaps the single greatest motion picture ever made dealing with Islam. The Message (Al-Risala) is now available in a new digitally mastered version, presented in widescreen with optimized picture and sound in Urdu & English.

"It is the 7th century in Mecca, where powerful leaders are in conflict with the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) who attacks their way of life and the injustice it produces. After seeing a vision of the Angel Gabriel, the Messenger calls the people of Mecca to cast aside the 300 idols of the Kaaba and worship only one God. Despite bitter opposition from the leaders of Mecca, the Prophet and his faithful followers meet secretly to listen to the revelations of the word of God. The leaders respond with persecution, forcing the Muslims to leave Mecca and take sanctuary in Medina.

After a revelation from God, the Prophet agrees to take arms against Mecca and battle until justice reigns. The idols of Kaaba are destroyed and the holy place is dedicated to the worship of one God."

The Message movie, or "Mohammed: Messenger of God" as its sometimes is called, is at once a magnificent epic motion picture, and at the same time, a very good introduction to the Islamic faith, both from its historical roots, and various elements of the faith itself (worship-wise). The Prophet is never depicted in the movie (his presence is indicated by the characters looking into the camera), along with the 4 khalifas and most of the known sahaba are also not depicted. Hamza (a.s.) and certain other sahaba are depicted.
This movie was also approved by Al-Azhar University.

watch or download from www.nooreislam.proboards.com
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