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Default Allama Pir Sayyid Shabbir Hussain Shah Hafizabadi! Beautiful speech by unique orator!


this shaykh is one of the best speakers ever with an electrifying style and voice. He is a pure Sunni (not to be confused with the Deobandi with the same name) and aashiq e Rasool. Was my father's favourite speaker!

Allegedly he used to be a shia but became a sunni alhamdulillah! I remember when i was a young boy he came to our local mosque in the UK and literally had everyone in the mosque in a mixture of wajd, tears and shouts of 'wah! wah!' Never seen anything like it.

La ilaha il Allahu Muhammadur Rasul Allah :pbuh:.

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MASHALLAH he is one top don...

yep he was a x-shia and also challeneges any shia;s in speeches to come and debate him... he only picks on one point agaisnt shia be it any and doesnt let them move till they answer lol
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