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Default There are six conditions to be fulfilled for the salat (of janaza) to be acceptable

1 - The dead person must be a Muslim.

2 - The corpse must have been washed. If it has been interred before having been washed but has not been covered up with earth yet, it is taken out and washed and then the salat is performed. The place where the corpse and the imam are must be clean. It is not a condition for the jamaat's place to be clean. For, the fard will have been carried out by only the imam's performing the salat. If the clothes, the shoes and the place stood on are najs (foul) the salat will not be sahih. Tahtawi 'rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alaih' states in his explanation entitled Imdad: "If the corpse is in a clean coffin and if you take off your shoes the upper parts of which are clean and stand on them, the ground's being najs does not give any harm." If a woman or jariya conducts the salat as the imam the fard will have been carried out. For, though the salat of the men who follow the woman will not be accepted, the woman's salat of janaza will be accepted and the fard will have been carried out by one person performing the salat. It is permissible for a child to wash the corpse, but it is not permissible for it to conduct the salat of janaza.

3 - The corpse or half of the corpse and its head or more than half of it without its head must be ahead of the imam.

4 - The corpse must be on the ground or close to the ground, held with hands or placed on a stone (bench). If the corpse is at some other place or on a beast or raised on hands, the salat of janaza will not be accepted. The corpse's head must be to the imam's right and its feet must be to his left. It is sinful to place it the other way round.

5 - The corpse must be ready and in front of the imam.

6 - The awrat parts of the corpse and of the imam must be covered.
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