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abu nibras
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Default List of Naats to Add to Downlaod Database

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem
As Salaatu was Salaam `ala Sayyadil `aalameen
Muhammadin wa aalihi wa ashaabihi ajmaeen.


Can you please help me tie these files to the downlaod database - the good thing is that they are already on the server so you do not have to upload them. All it take sis to fillout a form and the file will be added in a couple of seconds after that.

I will post the naat list (appended below) and this email in the Moderators section, - once you have uploaded a few naats - mark them added with a keyword ADDED beside them

Directions :

1) Log In using ur username and pwd.

2) Go to the download database


3) If the naat you are adding belongs to Hadaiq-e-Bakhsish then go into the Hadaaiq-e-Bakhshish section else if its a regular naat then go to the "Other Naats in Urdu" section.

4) For a demo let me add a naat in the Hadaaiq section then I would go to
Hadaaiq-e-Bakhsish at

5) From reading the list of naats in that section make sure that the naat you are adding is not already present.

6) Click on the fourth button which says "Uploads", this should take you to the upload form

7) In this form In the "File Name" section write the name of the naat

Ex: Qasida.e.mirajiya

8) In the Short Description Please fill in the name of the Recitor.

Ex: muhammad musHtaq Quadri rahimahullah

9) In the detailed description write whatever you wish to write about the naat.

10) Creator/Author - the recitors name preferably.

11) Post Icon : select appropriate icon - chose the same one for all almost all files are mp3's and I have chosen the winamp mp3 icon so you can pick that.

12) category: make sure the category is right : In my cas eit shoud be Hadaiq.e.Bakhsish.

13) Dont fill in the remaining fields.

14) Fill in the very last field which says : File URL

All the files are under http://www.sunniport.com/audio/

append the remaining path to teh file to this path , for Example in my case i would type in the "File URL " field


15) Click "Add File"

16) You shoul dsee a file added message.

17) Click on Downlaods and check if you can see the file in the section you uplaoded into - click on the file name and then the downlaod button to test if teh downlaod works and the path is correct, if something is wrong click on the edit button and make neccessary changes.


Now for the list of naats that need to go in :


Added:aankh ro ro ke.mp3
Added:ah har dam.mp3
Added:ahle siraat.mp3
Added:bheeni subah.mp3
Added:madeene wale.mp3
Added:sarkar ki mahfil.mp3


Added:aamina kaa laal.mp3
Added:ab eyd manane do.mp3
Added:amina bibi.mp3
Added:amina ke phul.mp3
Added:ki barish.mp3
Added:apni talab se siwa.mp3
Added:ay saba lejaa.mp3
Added:ay saba salam kahte hain.mp3
Added:ay shahinsha.mp3
Added:bara rabiyyul awwal.mp3
Added:bigdi bhi banayenge.mp3
Added:burda 1.mp3
Added:burda 2.mp3
Added:chal madine chalte hain.mp3
Added:chalo diyare nabi.mp3
Added:do sadqa deedar.mp3
Added:eeman hai.mp3
Added:halima ki ankhon.mp3
Added:hamara nabi.mp3
Added:ya nabi salam.mp3
Added:ya habib.mp3
Added:izn haziri kaa.mp3
Added:jaga ji laganeki.mp3
Added:jalwa numa hogaya.mp3
Added:jashn e wiladat.mp3
Added:kamale husn.mp3
Added:kawn kahta hai.mp3
Added:khayrul bashar.mp3
Added:kya baat madineki.mp3
Added:kya khabar.mp3
Added:laa ilaaha illAllah.mp3
Added:lam yati naziruka.mp3
Added:madine ki taraf.mp3
Added:mahbub e kibriya.mp3
Added:mahbub ki mehfil.mp3
Added:main kyuN aaj.mp3
Added:main sabse bura.mp3
Added:marhaba 2.mp3
Added:marhaba marhaba.mp3
Added:mere yaa rabb.mp3
Added:mustafa jaan 2.mp3
Added:mustafa jaan.mp3
Added:nabiyon ka sarwar.mp3
Added:naseema janib.mp3
Added:niymaten bant.mp3
Added:nur ka.mp3
Added:pesh e haqq.mp3
Added:phir utha walwala.mp3
Added:qasida nuur.mp3
Added:rahmaton ka dariya.mp3
Added:salamun alayk.mp3
Added:sarkar aagaye.mp3
Added:sarwar kahun ke.mp3
Added:sayr e gulshan.mp3
Added:suey tayba janewalo.mp3
Added:tayba ke janewale.mp3
Added:unki aane ki khushi.mp3
Added:unki mahakne.mp3
Added:wah kya jud 1.mp3
Added:uthe hath.mp3
Added:yaad mein jiski.mp3
Added:ho nigahe karam.mp3
Added:kamal e husn.mp3
Added:haqeeqat mein.mp3


Added:arshey haq hey.mp3
Added:bhar do jholi.mp3
Added:bhini suhani subh mein.mp3
Added:chamak tujh se.mp3
Added:haleema ki ankhon ka tara.mp3
Added:hey kalaam e ilaah mein.mp3
Added:kaba key badruduja.mp3
Added:kharab haal kiya.mp3
Added:kya mahakte haiN.mp3
Added:kyon na ho ba har lamha.mp3
Added:lutf unka aam.mp3
Added:mustafa jaane rahmat.mp3
Added:paish haq muzhda.mp3
Added:utha do parda.mp3

Added:afsos waqt e rukhsat .MP3
Added:meethe madina ka mahman.MP3
Added:tum hi ho.mp3
Added:bahut dil hai tuta huwa ya ilahi.MP3
Added:ay kash shabe e tanhayi meiN.MP3
Added:ay shafiy e umam le khabar .MP3
Added:ah har lamha gunah.MP3
Added:balaghal ula bi kamalihi.MP3
Added:bulalo phir mujhe ay .MP3
Added:burda majlis medley.MP3
Added:chamak tujh se patey haiN.MP3
Added:dar pe bulao makki madani.MP3
Added:gham e furqat rulaye.MP3
Added:har nazar kanp uthey gi mahshar ke din.MP3
Added:iman hai qal e mustafayi.MP3
Added:imdad kun imdad kun.MP3
Added:kash dasht e tayba meiN.MP3
Added:kuch aysa karde mere kirdigar.MP3
Added:lab par naat ka naghma.MP3
Added:lam ya'ti - 2.MP3
Added:madine ki taraf phir kab.MP3
Added:mahabbat mein apni guma ya ilahi.MP3
Added:subh e baharaN.mp3
Added:suye taibah jane wale.MP3
Added:tumhara naam musibat meiN.MP3
Added:wah kya bat hai madine ki.MP3
Added:ye sab tumhara karam hai aqa.MP3
Added:ye shan badhayi tere dar ki.MP3
Added:zah e muqaddar.MP3


Added:balaghal `ulaa.mp3
Added:kuch rahe yaa.mp3
Added:sab se awla.mp3
Added:zameen o zamaan.mp3


Added:aa kar dekhlo.mp3
Added:aaqa aaqa.mp3
Added:abtar thi fazaa.mp3
Added:ahl e siraat.mp3
Added:Allah hu.mp3
Added:apna gham yaa.mp3
Added:arz o samaa.mp3
Added:chamak tujhse.mp3
Added:chaman araayi e dost.mp3
Added:dar pesh hai.mp3
Added:dar tumhara milgaya.mp3
Added:gunahoN se kinara.mp3
Added:ishq ke rang.mp3
Added:iss mahine ki.mp3
Added:jalaalat teri.mp3
Added:kaabe ke dar.mp3
Added:karam farmaya.mp3
Added:karuN dam badam.mp3
Added:khayrat na pucho.mp3
Added:kya martaba huwa.mp3
Added:lutf unka aam.mp3
Added:madani madeene wale.mp3
Added:main madine chala.mp3
Added:marhaba 2.mp3
Added:mera dil aur.mp3
Added:meri jholi bharde.mp3
Added:muraden milrahi hain.mp3
Added:naam museebat meiN .mp3
Added:nazara karun main.mp3
Added:niymateN bantta.mp3
Added:tasawwur meiN.mp3
Added:sarwar kahun.mp3
Added:sayr e gulshan.mp3
Added:shama e risalat.mp3
Added:sirf unki rasayi.mp3
Added:sitarhaa e falak.mp3
Added:suna jungal.mp3
Added:tamanna e madina.mp3
Added:tanhaayi ho.mp3
Added:pesh haqq.mp3
Added:teri wahshatoN.mp3
Added:tuubaa se.mp3
Added:wasf e rukh.mp3
Added:yaa sahib al jamal.mp3
Added:ye kis shahenshah.mp3
Added:ye ujala kya hai.mp3
Added:zah e muqaddar.mp3
Added:bigdi banana.mp3


Added:kab bigdi banaoge.mp3
Added:khayrul anaam ho.mp3
Added:mang rahe haiN.mp3
Added:wo madina chala.mp3


Added:aap aaqaoN ke.mp3
Added:aazime gulzar.mp3
Added:bahar e madinah.mp3
Added:madine ke wali.mp3
Added:roza e anwar.mp3
Added:unki mahakne.mp3

was salam,

abu NibrÔs
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Old 03-24-2005, 08:03 PM   #2
abu nibras
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Default Re: List of Naats to Add to Downlaod Database

jazakllah khair br.sag-e-noori for adding all those files.

abu nibras
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